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Call us for more information and pricing on these and other herds available.
List updated

Herd of 55 registered cows, pick 40 out.
6 R&W Holsteins
Super Fancy Herd!!!
Top sires - shottle, advent, toystory . . .
All 1st-2nd-3rd lactation

155 Jersey Heifers due for Dec.-Jan.
Al Sired - fancy group

210 AI Sired Holstein heifers due for Nov.-Dec.

75 Jersey Yearlings

Load of 300-400 pound Holstein heifers

Several Freestall Herds Available

Load of Fresh 2 year old Jerseys

Load of Fresh 2 year old Crossbreds

Several Loads of Fresh 2 year old Holsteins

24 Crossbred and Jersey dry cows
coming with second calf
(picked out of one herd)

Herd of Crossbred and Jersey Cows

DAN 443-691-2313 BEN 443-956-3388 ABE 410-340-3065